Starting a new family is really exciting but can also be a little overwhelming.

There are so many brands, products, Apps, services available today…and each family has specific and unique needs! At Noobie Box, we want to help new families connect with the brands that will be right for them.

Noobie box introduces your brand to new moms in a very celebratory way at decisive moments. Focusing on brand awareness and exposure, we are building a strong and long lasting relationship between our partners and the Noobie Moms.

Thanks to multiple marketing tools and a unique database, we customize laser-targeted campaigns to fit your needs.

  • insertion of a product, sample or brochure in one of the Noobie Boxes
  • email campaigns
  • blogposts
  • online promotions
  • advertising
  • social media

To know more about partnership opportunities, please contact us here. Looking forward to hearing from you!