Meet Noobie Box

You know that feeling when you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time? It’s such a magical moment. A milestone worth celebrating. It is why we created Noobie Box, offering every mom-to-be a Free Pregnancy Gift Box, with carefully selected samples from leading baby brands. What a way to mark your milestone!

But we are so much more than how we started. That’s because we don’t stop at the heartbeat. We’re here for new parents all the way until their little one is a walking toddler. We want to help you discover new things that will help you on your journey through pregnancy and parenthood. You’ll find new products to try, for both you and your baby - even for your toddlers! Since our launch in 2016 we’ve conquered the hearts of over 200,000 American parents.

Why Noobie Box? We get that becoming a parent is wonderful but can also be overwhelming. We understand that parenthood has different stages and needs – what’s important when that bump is growing isn’t when you have a crawler. We help parents out at each step of the way with expert content and sample boxes designed for all important milestones such as starting solid foods or feeding your picky toddler. Treat yourself or a friend (and show expecting or new parents the support they need)!  

We’re more than just products, we support new parents on their journey to parenthood. How? By sharing our experience and those of other parents, we offer guidance and advice throughout pregnancy and baby’s first year with great digital content with tips and offers here on our website, on our social channels - and at virtual events where you’ll get to interact with pregnancy and parenting experts.  

Who are we? We’re mothers. We live around the US. We know the feeling of hearing that first heartbeat, but have also experienced the challenges of having a baby and we understand the importance of support. We have a fine nose for baby products women love, because we are those women. We use that nose for the nicest products and selecting baby brands parents love.

Where to get your Noobie Box? You can order all our boxes online for home delivery. We ship nationwide in the United States. You find our event calendar here