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A couple of missing items

Would’ve given it 5 stars but I did not get the snack pouches with the Noobie Eat box and the candle was missing from the Noobie One box. Other than that I am happy with everything I got. All great quality items and it was nice to get the Black Friday special on all four boxes


A Year of wonders (4 baby boxes)

Overall very pleased!

I bought the year package because I have am 11 month old and am due in January with a second baby--figured between the two I'd get some good use out of the products. Overall I was very pleased with everything, many of the products were full size and, when I looked them up retaiil, high quality. The packaging was cute and I appreciated getting products I might not have otherwise heard of. The 1 year box in particular I felt was incredibly generous and I'm confident my eldest will be excited. I did have I believe 20% off so I didn't pay quite as much as full price and can understand where pricing could be a concern. But if you have a discount code, go for it.

I also received the free pregnancy box and was so swaddle, which was an excellent deal.

Overall it’s a Great set!

I recently ordered the “A Year of Wonders” Noobie boxes and I’m really excited I did! In addition to the 4 boxes, I also received the free pregnancy edition box (normally you have to pay $6.95 shipping but because I spent more than $30 is was waived). It was nice to get, but if I had to pay the Shipping fee I would have said it wasn’t worth it. I also received a free Swado swaddle, which I have to say is probably the highlight of the purchase! If it weren’t for the free box, swaddle and extra 20% discount code I found online, I would have rated the boxes as 3 stars. With the exception of the Noobie Nest 0+ Box. If you’re debating on whether to try any of the boxes, this is the box to try and definitely worth a 5 star rating. The other boxes, I felt, were just mediocre and some of the items will definitely go unused.


A Year of wonders (4 baby boxes)